New collection

Shipper Cardigan Woven Herringbone Brown

The new collection has arrived from our factories in Italy! Earthy tones in the knitwear are mixed with deep blue yarn dyed denim. The same colors are found in the footwear in delicate leather and suede mixes. Check out the full collection in our webshop.

Fashion weeks coming up


SVENSSON will show the spring collection for 2014 to buyers and press starting this weekend in Paris at Capsule show.

David and Goose Barnacle, Brooklyn

Mariano and David in Paris

The essence of SVENSSON is about realizing what is in the heart and mind. Being an active agent in life we feel will give a sense of meaning, as well as a different perspective from being a part of a process. It probably isn’t the easiest way, but we reckon it is a good way in that you can analyze from an insider’s aspect of producing, supporting traditional craft and in the end keeping it clean and simple. It is after all a privileged path, and being able to travel as much as we get to is one of the advantages, something that lets us meet others who have the same mentality.

David Alperin is one of those people that from the first minute of conversation, makes you feel that you already know each other. We met at a small show a hot summer in Paris, on the upper floor of a shut-off garage, packed with clothing racks and claustrophobic sauna air. Some people immediately feel like family, and being a family run company, we knew we would keep in touch with David after three days of great dialogue, ideas, fears and general thoughts on life.

In 2010 David opened the shop Goose Barnacle on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and has worked dedicated at creating a spot where time is not of importance, but the right feel is. He is a true aesthete by nature, curating his spot carefully, engaging every person who walks in the small door onto the 200 years old wooden floors. The GB works as a gallery as well where David selects artists and let them use the space for their choice of art.

Chino Cycle Grey

Chino Cycle Grey

Summer in the city can be tricky, keeping cool in the heat but at the same time being representative in the urban setting. We created our trouser denim with that in mind with a looser fit up and a narrow foot, as well as choosing lighter cotton-based fabrics giving them a casual touch and function. The Cycle Grey is mixed up with recycled cotton, and has a blue and grey tone that will work well with most shades.

Spring collection

Crew Pavillion Pink

For the Spring Summer 2013 colour scheme we reflected on the penurious landscape of Österlen and its muted colours, the flat and forest country south east of Malmö. The area is characterized by its natural beauty, agriculture and picturesque coast communities. Untouched but famous for its light. A place the urbans shy away to. Colours are for instance natural white, dull ocean blue and soft dirty pink.

You can find it in our webshop or our partners such as
Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn or Journal Standard in Tokyo.

Hello Seoul!

Shipper Cardigan Furrow Green

SVENSSON in South Korean Men's health magazine, 서울 안녕! Go check it out at the well curated Decade shop in Seoul!

Autumn Winter 2013


This season we will visit Paris and New York for the Capsule show and Brooklyn pride Goose Barnacle to show our collection to buyers, press and good friends! We hope to see you there.

Showing collection AW13

Capsule Paris

We'll see you in Paris for the Capsule Show!

"SVENSSON is an evolution, to say the least"

The creative arts blog Riotse offers it's view on SVENSSON.
Check it out here!

17 reasons why Malmö is the most awesome Scandinavian city

work in progress

Tricia Wang from Brooklyn stopped by and wrote an endearing piece on Malmö where she picked SVENSSON as one of the reasons this city is awesome. Take a look here!